Miriam was born in Margate, England in 1980.  Her family immigrated to Connecticut in 1990.  She attended The Cleveland Institute of Art, receiving a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies.  After graduation, Miriam worked as Technical Assistant for the department, Artist Assistant to Cleveland-based artist, Hildur Jonsson, and in part-time positions in area museums (The Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Museum of Art, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens).

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Artist Statement

Materially my artwork follows my interests in weaving, cloth, and the tactile quality of layering different medias and materials. Visually I look to a variety of influences including folk art and religious art.
I am intrigued by the role of Catholic saints within both Christian and non-Christian based cultures. I see this second relationship in terms of how aspects of Catholicism can become imposed upon another culture or religion. I find this interest mostly comes from my own experiences living in a Jesuit mission on an Indian Reservation and my time spent with practitioners of both Yoruba and Santeria. Seemingly unrelated themes become tied into the imagery and subjects of my artwork. Key to my influences and subject exploration are anatomy, cultural and family identity, and family history and genealogy. My mixed media weavings and embroidery with found stamps, acrylic paint, photographs, and beads begin to echo the strange layering and mixing of these ideas.

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